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The Process

  1. Sign up to join our mailing list;

  2. Receive regular emails notifying you of new paid research studies and opportunities;

  3. Apply if you are interested by completing a few questions;

  4. We review all responses and get in touch with those who fit the criteria;

  5. If you are not contacted, it will be because either you do not fit the criteria for the market research for which you applied, we have heard from more applicants than we need or you have attended another market research session for this client in the past 6 months. Please do keep applying as there will constantly be further research projects for which you will be suitable;

  6. We send an invitation to all the selected participants stating the time, location and incentive for the project;

  7. Research takes place;

  8. You receive your paid incentive as advised by the recruiter.

Please note that applying for paid research opportunities does not guarantee participation or payment of any incentives.

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